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What is Intuitive Welness?

What is Intuitive Wellness? It can mean different things to different people. Some people will focus more on the wellness part of the phrase looking at their well-being and how they feel. Others will focus more on the intuitive part of the phrase looking at how using intuition could help them to make better decisions in their everyday life. Both Words Indicate A Desire To Live A More Fulfilling Life.

Being intuitive is hearing, feeling, seeing that quiet message within nudging you along, seeing signs outside of you that keep repeating as you go about your day, talking to others, and saying things that you wonder how you know the information you are speaking of with such conviction, waking up in the morning and seeing a video within your mind showing you all the possibilities of a dream or vision you have for yourself. Some call this psychic.

 Wellness is being aware of your need to take better care of yourself body, mind, and spirit… For most, it is a focus on the physical aspects of how one feels. Usually, when a person is thinking about wellness they are contemplating what they need to do to feel better. They are wanting to feel better health-wise.

When putting the two words together the phrase gathers more of a deeper meaning. It could overwhelm someone who looks at the phrase and doesn’t know where to start to utilize Intuitive Wellness for themselves.  Intuitive Wellness is the ability to be conscious of what you could do on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level to take better care of yourself. Having this awareness and willingness to change what no longer serves you leads you to live a more fulfilled life. When conscious of your Intuitive Wellness you can live by what makes you feel the best in your body and also your environment. 

Which leads to the ability to manifest your heart's desire. Using your intuition to make a decision that leads to the betterment of your life is what Intuitive wellness is.  Intuitive Wellness is following your heart, no matter what, and doing what is right for you even though it may not be right for others. It is when you Intuit what is best for you in any given situation. It is when you decide to follow something that ‘feels’ good to you so you follow your guidance no matter what others may think about your decision. It is about you following your path no matter what.  

Unfortunately, this is not something many end up doing. It is easier for people to not follow through with their intuition because it would affect too many people in their life or other words cause waves that would not be pleasing to anyone around them. People do not like change. Even when the change would lead to a happier and more fulfillment in the lives of those who know within their heart of heart, otherwise known as their intuition, that the change would be the best for them.  The prospect of making these changes the intuition is nudging us to make excites us in one moment only to scare us the next moment. The reality of the work needed to be done to follow the intuition we are getting usually stops people in their tracks. Most people on some level are trying to please others to gain acceptance or to keep the peace. They are afraid to make the changes because others may not like them anymore. Many people are willing to let go of their dreams to make sure peace remains around them. When the intuitive muscle starts to get stronger, this will undoubtedly make those who are feeling a change would be good, to stop in their tracks. They decide the work and the disappointment brought on by others is way too much to handle so they end up doing nothing. They end up living with a hole deep down inside of them that is not filled. They live their lives with a feeling of something is missing. This does not have to happen.

Confidence and strength are already inside me!

 When living in awareness of your own Intuitive Wellness you will recognize a strength within you that you have not known before. You will sense a confidence and self-assuredness that inspires you to keep going towards that bigger goal, that vision you see for yourself No Matter What.

 Intuitive Wellness is taking care of oneself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is about making a decision that is right for one person but may not be right for

another person. It is about doing you instead of what others think you should do. It is about you following your path, being your authentic self with confidence and self-assurance as you live by what feels good at a deep level.  Intuitive Wellness is following your path and feeling peaceful and satisfied which always brings blessings and opportunities that are in alignment with who we are on a deep Divine Soul way.

Physical Intuitive Wellness

 Physical Intuitive Wellness happens when a person focuses on taking care of their body by eating healthy, vibrant food. It is also about taking a walk to get some fresh air. It is going to the gym to get a good workout or getting together with friends to take a hike or play basketball. Physical Intuitive Wellness is about tuning into what our body needs so we can take better care of the body we live in.

Mental Intuitive Wellness

 Mental Intuitive Wellness is the ability to change your mindset so you can move forward toward the dreams and desires you have within. Instead of thinking the glass is half empty you instead consider the glass full. When going to work at a place you do not like, you think about the positives and affirm that this will lead you to something better. Giving thanks for what has been put in front of you instead of thinking things are terrible.

Emotional Intuitive Wellness

 Emotional Intuitive Wellness is once a person detaches from what their perceived way of looking at life is and instead opens up the awareness to all possibilities, their life starts to take a turn for the better. You become more aware of yourself and everything else around you. This way of thinking and viewing life gives you freedom and helps you to choose how you respond to things happening around you. No matter what is thrown your way, you will begin to see the bigger picture. You will notice that you are moving away from the narrow vision you have held in the past. You will learn that it is okay to have your feelings and it is healthy to feel them instead of pushing them down. When pushing your feelings to the side, they will come back oftentimes with an intensity that is worse than the first time you felt the emotion. Lean into your emotions. This is where healing takes place.

Spiritual Intuitive Wellness

 Spiritual Intuitive Wellness is to be open to what is around you. To be willing to let go of what you were doing the moment before or the moment after but truly standing with yourself in the moment of now. Permitting yourself to feel who you are in this moment. By taking times like these every day throughout the day, Intuitive wellness will continue to grow. You will be clear-minded when you have that meeting you have been so nervous about. You will be confident when leaping to your own business. You will feel as if you are not alone when making big changes.

 You will have a deeper understanding that not all will be rooting for you and that is only because they are scared for you. But you will have the confidence to walk on even though others around you don’t understand. Honoring yourself and walking with this feeling of the present moment as you continue to make the changes and live the changes towards your higher vision of yourself will eventually get you to that still center within you.

The Whole Package

 When putting all this together it is Intuitive Wellness. The ability to work on all aspects of yourself while moving forward into the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a different road because the road you have been on for so long always leads to the same place. This is a place you no longer feel, are you? Stepping out of your comfort zone starts to feel like it is a better place for you even though it is scary. It is also empowering.

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